Mock Call 1 – Sales

Situation: A customer is calling in to order a Pizza.
Customer’s Profile: Male, Age is 45 yrs old, in a hurry
Goal: Place the order and offer the customer to upgrade their orders.

Agent: This is Mike of Pizza Loco, what is your name and what would you like to order?!
Customer: This is John Perez, I want One Family size of Pepperoni and 2 Regular Supreme.
Agent: Thank you, so, that is One Pepperoni Family size, and Two Regular Supreme Pizza’s. Is that right?
Customer: Yep, deliver it at 745 Farmers Road, Modesto, California…
Agent: Got it, would you like to add extra mozzarella cheese on top, that’s just 5 bucks each.
Customer: Sure, I’ll just pay it in cash once it’s delivered.
Agent: Alright, it’s gonna be right in front of your door, within 30mins. Thanks for calling, Pizza Loco! Have a great night!

Mock Call 2 – Tech Support

Situation: A customer is calling about his Internet service. Has been out of service for more than a week.
Customer’s Profile: Male, Age is 50-60yrs old, partially deaf and irate.
Goal: Pacify the irate caller, Resolve the issue of the customer and Establish rapport.

Agent: Thank you for Calling, Rocket Speed Internet. My name is JERRY, May I please have your Phone or Account Number?
Customer: I’m sorry, can you please, repeat yourself?
Agent: I’m sorry, can you hear me OK now? I was asking you, about your Phone or Account Number?
Customer: Well, before I give you my account information, I just wanna let you know that I’m really pissed.  I can’t access my email for almost a week now. I’m paying you guys lots of money, and you can’t even provide a decent service. What’s wrong with you people? YOURSERVICE SUCKS!!!
Agent: I’m really sorry for the inconvenience, I would probably feel the same way if I’m in your situation. But, don’t worry, I promise you that we’ll get your issue resolved. Let me get first your account number so we can check your account, would that be ok?!
Customer: Sure, my account number is 860-995-****
Agent: Got it, may I please verify the name on the account?
Customer: It’s Robert W. Smith, I am the account holder.
Agent: Can we call you back at the same number, or do you have a better call back number?
Customer: I’m sorry, I’m having a hard time hearing, can you please, repeat yourself?
Agent: Sure, I was just asking you, if we can call you at the same number you gave me, or if you have a better call back number?
Customer: Yes, that’s a good call back number.
Agent: Ok, based on our test results, it shows here that you are not getting a DSL signal, that’s why you can’t get online or check your email. We can actually fix this problem over the phone, but, I will need to walk you through on some steps, would that be ok?
Customer: I’ve gone through the steps, believe me, I’ve checked everything before calling you!
Agent: Oh, that’s good then, but, can you at least, check for me which lights are lit up on your modem.
Customer: Fine! I have Power and Ethernet lights green on my modem. But, the 3rd light is flashing red, which is the DSL light. Are you happy now?
Agent: Thank you for your patience! As you could notice, the DSL light is flashing red on your modem. That means that you are not getting any dsl signal. The good thing is, based on our initial test results here, we do not have network problems or outages in your area. That means, we might be able to fix the problem over the phone!
Customer: Well, that’s good then, I’ll be a happy camper!
Agent: You might have already checked on it. But, since we have the DSL light flashing red on your modem, it’s telling you right away that there could be something wrong on the DSL line. It’s the gray phone cord at the back part of the modem.
Customer: It’s right behind my desk, do you want me to crawl down the floor again?
Agent: Well, If I send someone out, and they find out that there’s just a loose phone cord, then, you will get charge for the dispatch. So, we want to resolve the problem over the phone, so we could avoid dispatch charges. It will also save your time, that’s all we need to check.
Customer: Ok, but, this is the last step that I’ll do. Don’t hang up.
Agent: Don’t worry, I won’t hang up on you.
Customer: Oh my goodness, the gray phone cord was just loose, let me plug that in…  Oh my, there’s now a steady green light on the DSL light of the modem, let me just try now the Internet!
Agent: Wow, that’s good to know. Let’s just see if you can now get online, before we hang up. Can you try one or two more websites?
Customer: Jerry, you are a miracle worker! Thank you so much! It got me now on my homepage and email!
Agent: No, you did a great job, I was just giving you the steps! You did great today! But, do you have anymore questions or other concerns? Customer: I feel so stupid for calling you about this. But, I surely appreciate your time and patience!
Agent: You are welcome. We are open 24/7 just in case that you’ll need our help again. And, again, my name is JERRY, we do value your business and thank you for choosing Rocket Speed Internet. Have a blessed day!

Mock Call 3 – Customer Service

Situation: A customer is calling about her account balance.
Customer’s Profile: Female, Age is 25-30yrs old, calm.
Goal: Answer customers inquiry in a timely manner.

Agent: It’s a good day today at Bank of Wealth, my name is Heather, How can I help you?
Customer: I would like to know my remaining money in my account.
Agent: I’ll be glad to help you. May I please get your Bank Account number and the Name on the Account?
Customer: Sure, it’s Tracy Q. Randall, account number is 805-7845-3895-061
Agent: Thank you, let me just check on it. Ok, can you please, verify the last four numbers of your social security ID?
Customer: It is 4521.
Agent: You still have 84 thousand and 65 cents. Is there anything else that I could assist you with?
Customer: Yes, If I transfer it to my bank account in Lloyds of London, how long will it take?
Agent: If we do the transaction over the phone or online, our team will still contact you for verification prior sending your money to a different bank. The whole process usually just takes 2-3 days.
Customer: Oh, I see, never mind, I’ll just do it after the holidays. Thanks for your help, Heather!
Agent: You are very much welcome, Ms. Randall! You have a great day and Thank you for calling Bank of Wealth. Good Bye!

Bonus – Mock Call 4

Agent: Good morning madam, How can I be of service to you today?
Client: Yes, I just want to know the balance of my account?
Agent: Can I have your name please
Client: My name is…….
Agent: Can you provide me your account number please?
Client: I don’t know what it is?
Agent: Do you have any previous bill with you madam?
Client: Yes
Agent: Your account number is located at the top right hand corner of the bill statement. It’s a 9 digit code.
Client: Ok, the number is …….
Agent: Please hold while I check your account in our system..
Client: Ok
Agent: As of the date today, you have a balance is $935.00
Client: Ok, why does this bill reflect only $300.00
Agent: Can you check the date of the bill?
Client: Ok, it says here July 2010.
Agent: Madam, apparently that is an old bill. We will be sending you a new bill or your email.
Client: Ok. Thanks a lot.

Bonus: Mock Call 5

Agent: This is Rodney of computer assistance, How may I help you?
Client: Yes, I seem to have trouble opening my computer.
Agent: What sort of trouble?
Client: Well it wouldn’t turn on.
Agent: Are you in front of your PC right now
Client: Yes
Agent: Kindly check if the computer is properly plugged in
Client: Yes, it is
Agent: Now try to push the power button in the System Unit – CPU
Client: OK, nothing happens.
Agent: Can you turn on the light in your room
Client: Damn, I think we have no electricity.
Agent: Sir, I guess that’s why you can turn on your computer.
Client: Yup I guess so, thanks a lot.
Agent: Thank you for calling and we are glad to be of your service.