Problem Solving

In everyday call center operation there is a certain process and vocabulary we must handle in order to follow the solving of an issue. Today we will study the steps to solve that issue and some examples on how to do that.

Exercise 1

Agent: Hi! Good morning thank you for calling to Zara Costumer services area, my name is Kelly. What can I do for you today?

Costumer: Hi! I checked the website of the store in the morning and I was sure the promotion of discount of 50% on clothes was able for today.

Agent: perfect Ma’am, let me check the availability of our promotion on clothes. We are very sorry with that inconvenient during your purchase, Zara try always to have satisfied clients. Please wait  a minute on call and let me check other options for your shop.

Costumer: ok! Thank you I really want that pair of jeans.

Agent: oh! We are glad to hear you prefer our designs and quality, please Could you describe the types of jeans your are interested in? That information is going to help me for find better solutions.

Costumer: yes, Is a Skinny and stretch, the color is  blue and worn and is on the Morocco line.

Agent: Ok! For that style of jeans we have other active promotion,  but is of the 35% of discount.  And let me tell you that on Wednesday there are different promotions in the store, for example 15% discount and if you buy one clothe, you can give the second clothe is free, or like this moment we have the 35% discount.

Exercise 2

Agent: Hello! good morning thank you for calling to Price Smart customer services, my name is Lucy may I have your name please?

Costumer: Hello my name is Lisa Anders, And I want to cancel my membership.

Agent: ok, Are you sure you want to cancel all your benefits,  that process is going to delete our your points accumulated on it.

Costumer: yes and also I need to change the second person associated to.

Agent: ok. Let me tell you, to cancel the memberships the second affiliate to your credit card,  He or She have to come to our  nearby Client offices and sing the cancellation form, then you will have to check out your profile in our website and check if you have only one member.

Costumer: does that process have any cost?

Agent: Thank you Ms Anders well, First I need to inform you in order to cancel your membership it is necessary you have to pay $150.00 the reason why is because the time of your membership has not finished