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donde empezar

¿Donde empezar?

LOOK AT THE VOCABULARY AND LEARN NEW WORDS || Mira el vocabulario y aprende nuevas palabras.

PAY ATTENTION TO THE NEXT PRESENTATION AND LEARN HOW TO USE LIKE AND ENJOY WITH OTHER VERBS || Pon atencion a la siguiente presentacion y aprende como usar LIKE y ENJOY con otros verbos

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WATCH THE NEXT VIDEO TO LEARN MORE | Mira el proximo video para aprender mas

LEARN MORE VERBS | Aprende mas verbos

Hora de aplicar lo aprendido.

UNSCRUMBLE THE WORDS | Ordena las palabras

COMPLETE THE ACTIVITY BY LOOKING FOR THE VERBS | Completa la actividad buscando los verbos

WATCH THE VIDEO AND COMPLETE IT USING THE INTERACTIVE TOOLS | Mira el video y completalo usando las herramients interacivas

PRACTICE GRAMMAS | Practica gramatica

Likes and dislikes, an interactive worksheet by jankova

SHARE 5 ACTIVITIES YOU ENJOY DOING | Comparte 5 actividades que disfrutas hacer